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Heavy Haulage New Trailer

    Faymonville 1 Piece 6-axle MULTIMAX PA-X Trailer

    We are continuing to invest in the latest state of the art equipment to add to our growing Heavy Haulage fleet which specialises in the safe movement of equipment across a wide range of industries and sectors Nationwide.

    Hydraulic suspension and hydraulically steered axles.

    Thanks to the steering angle and the good handling, even the longest goods can be transported effectively with a PA-X vehicle.  Compact, lightweight, low and agile.

    If offers a loading height of 790mm optimum manoeuvrability with a sixty degree steering angle and the best off-road capability through a stroke of 600mm (-150/+450mm).

    Gross load capacity 86,000kg.  Overall extended length of lower bed 19.2m.